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It revitalizes the look and health of gardens, flower beds, plants and trees. Its abundance of benefits makes it one of the most popular landscaping products we deliver.

Mulch Looks Great

It is often the finishing touch of a well-manicured garden. It provides the “shape” of the garden or tree, much like the frame and shape of the canvas give boundaries to a painting. The strict demarcating line between yard and garden gives definition to your landscape. Anything you plant in it gets the strong feeling of intentionality, and the overall effect is one of meticulous planning. With our color-enhanced options, you can play with your palette and mix flowering plants and mulch based on pigments for an artistic look that transcends landscaping.

It also works well as an accent for manmade landscaping elements. Furthermore, having it around the perimeter of these features acts as a transitional space from the artificial to the natural. Your paved walkways, retaining walls and concrete stairs will flow seamlessly into your landscaping like they were put there by Mother Nature. Plus, they won’t have unwanted plants growing over them because the mulch keeps weeds at bay.

Mulch Suppresses Weeds

It keeps your yard free of weeds in two ways: suffocation and obstruction.

First, it suffocates weeds that have already germinated in the area. Apply a deep layer, and it should prevent any sunlight from reaching the soil. Weed sprouts won’t get their needed nutrients.

Second, it obstructs new seeds. Weed seeds blown onto your mulch will not be able to penetrate it. If the seeds can’t reach the soil, they won’t grow. You will need to apply a layer at least 3 inches deep to ensure weeds cannot seed.

If you have particularly virulent weeds, you can try several layers of protection. Dig up the area, then place herbicide granules. Stake down weed cloth and weigh it down with wood chips, which decompose very slowly. On top of the wood chips, lay down double-shredded hardwood leaf mulch. The heavy mulch will keep the herbicide granules in place. The top layer will decompose much faster than the wood chips, so your only upkeep is replacing the top layer each season.

Mulch Moisturizes Soil

It generally helps soil retain its moisture. A layer of it keeps sunlight and wind from reaching the ground, meaning that water in the soil won’t evaporate as quickly.

You can also lay it over a soaker hose or drip irrigation system. Since it will block most water from light rains from getting to the soil, a hose allows you to ensure even in dry times that your yard is getting the right amount of moisture. Plus, it keeps the hoses from sight, giving your garden a finished look while protecting your irrigation system. Uncovered irrigation systems risk UV damage and are exposed to the elements and foot traffic.

Mulch Can Control Insects

Some types can aid your gardens and lawns by deterring pesky insects. Cedar mulch contains a compound called thujone that has a menthol smell which repels a large number of insects. Moths, roaches, termites, beetles, Argentine ants and house ants all hate cedar mulch. If you have an infestation in your garden or yard, consider installing a layer of cedar mulch.

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